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The Radium Girls

 by Kate Moore

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This school year, we are excited to announce the first ever community One Read!  Together, with all the Fort Zumwalt high school libraries, Liberty High School in the Wentzville School District, and the St. Charles City-County Public Library, we are using the shocking, fascinating nonfiction book, The Radium Girls by Kate Moore. The goals for the One Read program are as follows:

  • Connect our school and greater communities through a shared reading experience

  • Offer a chance for multiple subject areas to connect learning to a common book through our curated resources

  • Offer independent student activities each week

  • Promote/foster literacy, particularly the reading of nonfiction

  • Connect the experiences of the dial-painters to that of local residents impacted by the dumping of nuclear waste in North St. Louis and Weldon Spring

  • Connect our school community to people and resources at/through the public library

So . . . How can you access this book?

You can access The Radium Girls through our Sora app. We have both the original and the newly released Young Reader's edition. The good news?  Everyone in the entire school can have this book checked out at the SAME TIME!  Click on the Sora icon to the right to access this eBook.



Don't have time to read the entire book?  We've got you covered! Check out the chapter summaries read by St. Charles City-County librarians. Each chapter summary is only four minutes long or less!

reading schedule and independent student activities

Week 1

Read prologue through chapter 7

Week 2

Read chapters 8-15

Week 3

Read chapters 16-21

Week 4

Read chapters 22-29

Week 5

Read chapters 30-34

Week 6

Read chapters 35-46

Week 7

Read chapters 47-54

Week 8

Read chapters 55-Author's Note

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