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Book Club

    Do you like to read?  If so, then you may want to join our Book Club.  We meet the second Wednesday of each month during all three lunches in the library. Each lunch period will vote on a book to read for the month, and then we will discuss the book the following month and choose a new one.  There will be no quizzes over the books we choose.  We will just discuss the book while we eat.  If you miss a meeting and still want to read the book, stop by the library and find out what book your lunch chose to read.  If you don't finish the book, you can still come to the meeting and hear our thoughts about the book.  Copies of each book will be limited, so please make sure you return the book when you finish it so we can allow everyone a chance to read it.  Our meetings are scheduled for the following dates but may be subject to change.  Listen to the announcements and check the library window for Book Club dates.

2019-20  Meeting Dates

September 11
October 18
November 13
December 11
January 15
February 12
March 18
April 8

Book Club Choices

Due to school closing, you have free choice for the remainder of the year.
1st lunch is reading:
book image.jpg
2nd lunch is reading:
book image.jpg
3rd lunch is reading: 
book image.jpg
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